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From startups to enterprise customers, we develop apps that provide value to your users.” content2=”

WEB APP by Informatika FORTUNO

Responsive web apps built with latest technology (Node.js, Angular, PHP, WordPress, …).” content3=”


Informatika FORTUNOTailor made solutions for your growing business.” title=”A Day at the Office”]

[servicebox icon=”screen” title=”WEB APP”]Responsive web apps built with latest technology (Node.js, Angular, PHP, WordPress)[/servicebox]
[servicebox icon=”phone” title=”MOBILE APP”]From startups to enterprise customers, we develop apps that provide value to your users[/servicebox]
[servicebox icon=”suitcase” title=”CUSTOM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS”]Tailor made solutions for your growing business[/servicebox]
[aboutbox icon=”lightbulb-o” title=”IDEA”]It all start with a great idea. Contact us and discus your idea with our expert team. [/aboutbox]
[aboutbox icon=”list-alt” title=”Requirement Definition”]With this step, we build a list of requirments and forumulate a plan. This step is beeing documented so we each understand expectations and it help as to ensure happy and profitable relationship.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox icon=”pencil” title=”Design”]We can provide several designs, or use your design based on the previos two steps. [/aboutbox]
[aboutbox icon=”desktop” title=”Develop”]At this stage we start to code and bring your ideas to life. We also send you info about the progress and often look for feedback on finshed modules/parts.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox icon=”arrows-alt” title=”Launch”]This is a testing and quality checking faze, and after approval web/mobile app is beeing published.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox icon=”cogs” title=”Maintenence”]After launching, and based on yours feedback, we perform updates, monitorin and maintenance.[/aboutbox]
[cinfo icon=”phone” title=”Call Us” desc=”(385) 32 534 986 Monday–Friday | 7am–3pm (GMT +2)“]
[cinfo icon=”map-marker” title=”Visit Us” desc=”Dragutina Žanića Karle 27a, 32100, Vinkovci”]

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