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Top 4 Secrets Of Top Mobile App Developers


Have you ever wondered why the top mobile app developers are so successful when your apps are as feature rich and well designed as their apps are? There is much more that goes into successful app development beyond creating the actual app itself.  Knowing these top secrets for successful app development can help you to achieve greater success than you thought possible.

top mobile app developerTimely Information


Mobility is all about having the information that you need right now, where ever you happen to be. Successful mobile app designers know this, and as such, they design their apps to provide information that is relevant today, to those that are seeking the information. For example, successful weather apps focus on providing information about the weather today and in the near future, not months from today. Someone that is interested in long term weather forecasting are more likely to do their research on a desktop, not their smartphone or device.


Smart Launching


Successful mobile app designers know how important it is to invite influential people to participate in the launch of their app, such as technology bloggers. They’ll often offer an early release to those people who they deem to be most influential to the targeted audience, so that they can try out the app and share what they like about it to the people who listen to them. Using this strategy, Instagram had 25,000 users for its official launch, which soared to 300,000 within its first three weeks. Today, the app has tens of millions of users.

Smart Timing


Timing the launch of your mobile app is equally important. Successful app designers keep themselves informed on the latest developments in the technology world, and they plan their launches around the release of complementary services or products. Using the same example, Instagram was strategically launched within weeks of the iPhone 4, which featured a much improved camera and screen, making it particularly complementary to Instagram. Promoting the app’s ability to take advantage of the iPhone’s improved performance, and to push those photos to popular social networks, made Instagram a very desirable app to new iPhone owners.


Built-In Virality


The most successful apps become so popular because the designers had the forethought to build into their apps some sort of mechanism to make them go viral. The idea is that each new user who loves the app could potentially influence others to try the app. The best virality mechanism is one that causes the app to be more enjoyable because of the user’s ability to share the app. For example, WhatsApp is the most fun to the user if he can get his buddies to get the app too, so there is built in incentive for the user to introduce the app to his friends.


There’s no reason that you shouldn’t be one of the top mobile app developers yourself. These four secrets are the reason that so many others have achieve the level of success that has eluded you thus far. Build your next app with these things in mind, and discover for yourself what a difference it’ll make.

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