Google Web App Development

Thinking About Google Web App Development? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions!

google web app development

If you’re thinking about doing something like Google UK web app development, then you’re probably thinking about coming up with a product that will make you money. Smartphones have certainly ingrained themselves into society, and Google software runs on quite a few of them, so there’s easily a hundred million potential consumers out there for your Google web app development product, and that’s just in the United States alone.


Still, you’d be competing with over a million other apps, which means you need to come up with something good. It takes more than an overnight coding binge to make money here, so keep reading to learn 7 questions you need to ask yourself before starting:


1) What’s my app idea? You probably have many ideas about how much money your app might make you, but you need to have a clear idea what your app actually does for the users who you hope buy it. You don’t have to know every detail from the start, but if you can’t explain it clearly to someone who doesn’t know you in an elevator in less than 30 seconds, you don’t have it nailed down yet.


2) Is there a market for it? There is obviously a market for apps, as there are literally millions of them out there. However, many of them just rot and never sell, and many flop. You need to not only know what your app is going to do but also make sure there will be market demand for it.


3) How am I going to monetize it? Some apps make money because people pay for them upfront. Others do it through subscription services, and others just rely in in-app advertising.


4) What competition exists? With the plethora of apps out there, it is highly likely you will have competition the minute you hit the market, no matter how genius you think your idea is. Check out what is already out there to have some idea who you have to beat out and what price point you can be attractive and competitive at.


5) Do I have enough money to finance this? Some apps are put together in one weekend with a great coding festival among programming friends. Others take weeks to months to flesh out, develop, and tweak. If you’re doing a labor of love as a hobby on your own, it’s only your time. If you’re hiring or paying staff, you need to have some ballpark idea of a project cost.


6) Do I have the right team to pull this off? If you do need other folks, what skills do you need? If you’re thinking about going solo, do you honestly have all the necessary talents to fill each role on your own?


7) What’s the expected life-cycle of this app going to be? Will you be looking to support this with updates over time? Or are you going to just release new versions later on and abandon the older ones?


There are likely many other questions you need to ask yourself and others around you in the process of Google web app development, but these 7 ones are a good place to start.

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