Guide For You application

Like any owner of a tourist accommodation, we believe that you are constantly on the lookout for new solutions that will help you attract potential new guests, but also preserve existing guests.

We know how challenging and difficult that process can be, so we have decided to put an end to that, and offer owners an entirely new solution.

After a lot of research and testing, we have found a solution that will help you solve these problems. An application that offers tourists all the information they need in one place – GUIDE FOR YOU.


More and more tourists are changing destinations and crave an active vacation, with an emphasis on gastronomic offers. They want to find information about all of this, but also to find additional information, all in one place.


In order not to have to constantly research, keep track of all the new offers and changes that are happening in your and surrounding areas – „Guide for you” offers your guest EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE.


When you offer a guest a solution that will save him from wasting time by searching for all the information, you will get a satisfied and happy guest who will always be happy to come back to you.

In this way, you will show your care for the guest, and offer a pleasant and carefree stay. The positive emotions you evoke in your guest will only bring you positive reviews and recommendations.


A list of restaurants, excursions, beaches, historical sites, and other important information for a single tourist is in the “Guide for you” application.

Each user of the application will be able to choose from three set languages – English, German, or Italian.

In the updated version, the app will indirectly bring in new guests and allow direct booking.

The ease of use and functionality of the app will give every user the perfect stress-free vacation.

My Grocery Store Application

We often consider grocery shopping a big, time-consuming commitment, and we want to get it done as quickly and easily as possible. Shopping online is a great option to help us save time. It is said that time is the most precious thing we have, so we should not spend it on being in crowds in supermarkets!

You can buy groceries today from the couch in your living room, on lunch break, or on the way home from work. Wonder how?

You can order groceries online and get them delivered within a couple of days, or you can order it through an app at your local home delivery supermarket – delivered to your home on the same day, if you order early enough – or pick it up at the supermarket. Delivery of groceries saves you money you would have spent on gasoline to get to the grocery store, and with the option of picking up groceries in the supermarket, you save time and avoid crowds in supermarkets. No matter what, the app benefits you.

Informatika Fortuno is about to launch the Grocery Store mobile app, which will make your daily shopping experience easier.

How will the Grocery Store mobile application be used?

Once you have downloaded the app from Google Play, sign up. The application asks for your first and last name, as well as your e-mail address. Then, very simply, through the Grocery Store app, select the store from which you want to place an order. Clicking on a store shows the user a list of categorized foods, which makes the process easier. Click on the specific product you want to buy, and the product will be automatically saved in the shopping cart, where it is reserved until you complete the payment method. After the last step, you finish your order, and your groceries are waiting for you on the date and place you have chosen. Thanks to innovative companies developing new applications, everyday life becomes a lot easier if one uses comforts of the digital age.

Mobile and Web application KLICKkey

KLICKkey is a unique application designed for tourism and hotel management which offers solutions to problems faced by hosts and guests. This content-rich application consists of a web-based application intended for data entry and a mobile application intended for reading data on mobile devices. As previously stated, the KLICKkey application’s main goal is to improve the current method of communication between the host on one side, and the guest on the other side, through digitalization of communication between the two sides.

In order for both sides to reap the benefits and opportunities offered by KLICKkey, we need to address and clarify how the whole application works. It all starts by going to the KLICKkey website, where the license purchase terms are chosen, which is then followed by registration. Once the web application is logged into, the host begins to enter information about his or her facility. The first step is to choose between the two offered profiles, the first for catering establishments and units, and the second for catering establishments intended for serving food and drinks, and for renters of tourist attractions and equipment. You can expect KLICKkey’s first pleasant surprises at this step, as each host or renter will find a category for themselves where they will be able to fill in content that fits exactly what they can and want to offer. In this way, everyone will find their category within KLICKkey, regardless of whether it is a large hotel with several hundred rooms, a small discreet boutique hotel, a rental house, an apartment or a restaurant, a fast food restaurant, a café, a pub, a beach bar, night club, etc.

After selecting the catering facility for which the KLICKkey profile is created, the next step is to set and edit the content you want to offer to your guests. The KLICKkey application offers the ability to enter all products or services which can be offered to guests. In this step you will find options for entering information such as the name and the location of the restaurant, working hours, contact methods, information on the availability of Wi-Fi networks, facility history, food and drink price lists, room service calls, as well as additional services such as swimming pools, gyms or massages, ordering a taxi to a nerby restaurant, concert, marina, etc. KLICKkey will simply become the best receptionist you have ever had, answering any potential guest queries, as well as suggestions for the best vacation or party guests can experience.

Once you are certain that you have set up everything your guests can enjoy, it is just a matter of sharing a QR or printed code that tourists will enter into the application on their mobile device, which will allow them to view all of your set content. This is where your imagination becomes the only frontier for sharing the received code, and we suggest sharing it across all social networks where you have accounts, and printing codes on flyers. By doing this, you save money spent on ordering expensive brochures, and create a free advertisement which everyone who is near or interested in visiting your property will be able to see.

Finally, we have another answer to another question – the KLICKkey mobile app is completely free for guests, and is available on Google Play, as well as on the App Store, so you can be sure that your content will certainly not go unnoticed.

Mobile and Web Application for Bazenska Tehnika

Development of the application Bazenska Tehnika solved the client’s difficulties with organization and business monitoring.

About the Project

This text is about our client Bazenska Tehnika d.o.o. (Ltd.), a company that deals with the planning, design and construction of swimming pools, solariums, saunas, and wellness equipment. Development of the application Bazenska Tehnika solved the client’s difficulties with organization and business monitoring.

The Solution

The development of the application consisted of three steps, and the first step was the development of mobile and web applications for work orders. It works by repairers receiving push notification in the shape of work orders, which they do in accordance with its instructions. Since repairers are on the field, they record their activities on the field in work orders and they attach taken photos of the construction site before repairs and after them.

The application has a so-called whiteboard where every repairer can write a request that needs to be fulfilled. The request is visible in both mobile and web applications so that everyone can see and fulfill those requests. The application also has payment tracking capability, so that the owner of the company can see payments anytime. This is the case because the company occasionally has over a hundred open construction sites at the same time.

The second step was developing options for creating offers. Some offers were previously too demanding to create in the company’s ERP system, so this application solved that problem as well.

Merging data in the application with the existing data in the client’s ERP was the last step. After this was done, data records were set up to record in both places in real time. This includes integration of receipts, wholesale and retail bills, reservation of goods, and receipt of goods. In the material storage, every product receives its own serial number and bar-code. If a product does not have one, it will receive it by default. Serial numbers and bar-codes will be scanned by repairers whenever they require parts or products for building or repairs. Repairers later scan codes with a special android scanning device. When they do so, their actions become visible in the application for all other users, and in the client’s ERP system as well.


With this application, our client solved his difficulties with organization, reduced the need for new employees, reduced his costs, minimized the number of mistakes due to the human factor, and finally, increased business efficiency.


Application for Grad-Export

The prime objective of this text is to “wake up” companies and convince them to digitalize their way of management.

About the Project

Companies are often not conscious of how easier their business could be if they were using an application created for their own needs. The prime objective of this text is to “wake up” companies and convince them to digitalize their way of management. In this way, they can respond to modern challenges, as well as succeed in a demanding global market. We will describe as an example one such successful company that invested into modern technology and equipment. Almost all of the produced goods they export are to countries in Western Europe. They have recognized an opportunity for their company, and so have ordered the application. This company is called Grad Export d.o.o., it is located in Vinkovci and produces decorative panels.

The Solution

Grad Export had only one vision; to see at what stage a product is in real-time. Our mission was to change that and make their business much easier. We solved it by creating an application that could produce and scan bar codes. The head office prints out bar codes, and then sends those bar codes to the production line. The workers there paste them on each product, and during the later production stage, these codes can be scanned by other workers.

After the bar code is scanned, the application will automatically show which stage of production the product is at. After the last stage of production and after the scanning of the last bar code, the application will give a signal that the product is ready for delivery. If the client demands it, the application also offers the option of seeing a weekly report of delivery. This means that every worker can see when a job needs to be finished. The fact that every room in the factory has a large-screen television is helpful since workers can at any time see all of the main information relating to production.

By using this application and by using a scanner, workers can also know where metal sheets are – on which shelf and in which room. By doing this, they can save time, since they no longer need to search for them as they previously had to before starting to use this application.

This text should be an inspiration and a new path to follow for every company that wants to succeed and grow.


Making of Different Application

A tailor-made application for healthy lifestyle lovers.

For all curious readers who are fans of healthy eating, exercise, good advice, interesting news and actions, we present to you the Different app.

How the Idea Came to Life

A potential customer called with an idea for an app. He wanted it to serve as a “guide” for healthy lifestyle users – the app should contain three basic categories: healthy fare, news and healthy food actions sorted by category (fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts). It is important to note that the client already owned the website, was active on social networks and had appeared in certain media, and already had quite a high number of followers. The application was the logical result of a sequence of events. The client decided to create an android application for users (and the website for the administrator). After receiving a detailed specification, we started designing the application. With ongoing consultation, the app was finished and uploaded on the Google Play Store, where you can find it under the name Different.


If we want to look for a particular food, we simply go to discounts, select the desired food category and see which stores have the same discounts. The application also offers selection/elimination of certain retail chains (for instance, there is no Tommy in Slavonia, and there is no Boso in Dalmatia). The great thing about the application is that a user can add discounts, stores, or food categories – which, of course, the administrator must approve.

Healthy News

In the news category, the user can read entertaining articles on exercise, nutrition, healthy foods and more.

Healthy Map

A Healthy Map provides an overview of locations where you can find a personal trainer or a group training location. Simply allow geolocation on your phone and all of these categories will appear in your area.

Overall, a great application, as evidenced by the high rating on the Google Play platform (4.9 out of 5.0).


7 Useful iPhone Apps

If you’ve decided to buy a new iPhone or refresh old one with the new and interesting apps, we have a suggestion for a few very useful apps.


  1. Kik

A free chat application that surpassed Facebook Messenger and Skype.  You are now wondering why it’s special or different from other apps. Because it doesn’t require personal information such as first or last name or your phone number. To use this app, you need to enter your username or nickname so that other users can find it.


  1. Hulu

Watch TV shows and movies online,  stream TV episodes of your favorite show after airing on TV. Great application for legal transfer of new, classic, domestic and foreign TV shows.


  1. Outlook

Effortless email and calendar. Whether it’s staying on top of your inbox or scheduling the next big thing, Outlook makes it easy to be productive, organized and connected, whether you are at home, at work or anywhere in between.


  1. Pocket Casts

Podcasts have become one of the best forms of entertainment around, but it’s tough keeping track of the ones you like, ditching episodes you’re not interested in, or even managing what you want to hear. Pocket Casts is one of the best apps for helping you organize your podcasts, but you’ll need to experiment with it a bit to get it to work for you.


  1. The Pear Personal Coach

The Pear Personal Coach app is among the best fitness apps you’ll find. The app has a wealth of workout routines, everything from outdoor runs to at-home resistance training, and each has an audio track of a real coach who talks you through the motions. You can pipe in your own music, too, which dials down automatically whenever the coach is speaking. The app works best when you wear a heart rate monitor, though it’s not required. There’s even a calibration workout, a run, that finds your lactic threshold and customize your heart rate training in all the workouts based on your personalized number


  1. Twitch

A popular application among young people who love games. You can watch live streams of the video games and activities you love, and chat with streamers and other viewers, from anywhere, anytime.  Twitch has recently replaced YouTube on the gaming channel view.


  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform with over 150 million songs and growing each day. With a large number of new artists and musicians who are constantly creating new music, SoundCloud is the place where you can find future great artists.



If you know how to use and properly write newsletters you will have great benefits from them. With a nicely arranged and written newsletter, you can expand your customer base, meet customers with your new product, boost re-collaboration, and more. It’s a great way to get to know new and existing customers with the current offer and current deals. Customers generally decide on a service or product when they feel that it will be the best for them. In addition to the newsletter calling for action, it can have an informative character, but also a combination of both.

The newsletter can be general and unique to all recipients but it also can be personalized, which will double the chance of interaction. But as always, everything has its own positive and negative side. The problem is also the large number of emails that users receive in the mailbox and many of them remain unread. Your mail should be prominent which is a very difficult task.

It is also worth mentioning the upcoming GDPR regulation and spreading the awareness of personal data protection. We should not pick up all the addresses that are available in our database and on the internet and sending newsletters to as many addresses as possible. By the GDPR, if we want to send the newsletter, we should have permitted for it. This gives us the opportunity to think better and do a better job by focusing on clients who are really interested in our products and services.

When we put together all the positive and negative sides, the positive ones prevail. Anyway, the newsletter will surely be kept for a long time.

The positive side of web applications

The web application is a computer program that performs a specific function using a web browser. An application can be as simple as a whiteboard, a contact form or as a game application.
Thanks to the fact that web application is available at all times their development grows. Users can access web applications through a web browser they have on their computer or another device via a simple URL. The web application is absolutely independent of the type of device you are using, it can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, regardless of the operating system or platform.

Today, in the business environment, most users are using at least one web application because it contributes to the business development and customer satisfaction of your products or services. An application can be used by employees of any company, they can use it from home, work, or from any part of the world if they are connected to the Internet. Users have direct access to the latest information wherever they are because the web application is constantly updated. It is very customizable, unlike desktop applications, it’s easier to update it. Unlike traditional applications, web apps are available anytime and anywhere, they do not have to be downloaded from Google Play or AppStore and specially installed on your device.
They are easy to use and easy to maintain. Many web applications already have built-in customer support that is available online. Usually, there is also a slider with frequent questions and answers, which allows faster problem solving if someone else already had the same problem.

Mobilni ured is an example of a very useful web application. It’s a billing application for small business for making an offer and recipes. You, as a user, need to two things, you need to have a computer or tablet and you need to register. After that, you can access the application from any location if you are online. The first 30 days of application is free, you can try and see if it is for you. After the trial period, the monthly price is 10 €. For more questions about the application, please contact us at the contact page.

7 useful android apps

In this blog, we will draw your attention to several very useful applications. Let’s move on …


This application helps you solve math tasks. Because of its simplicity, it is especially popular among students. Download the application, then copy the task to your device and this app will drop out the entire solving process, step by step, and at the end, final result. Aside from solving the task, it also serves to teach you how to solve it.

Clean Master

With unwanted file cleanup, the application includes an antivirus program, improves the performance of your phone, and prolongs battery life. Although removing unwanted files and trash, personal data such as a photo or video does not delete. An additional feature called “Charge Master” shows the battery charge status. This great application can replace many other applications on your device.

Tiny Scanner

A very useful application that turns your Android device into a portable scanner and allows you to scan documents, photos, reports, and anything else in PDF format. This PDF scanner application is fast and designed for mobile phones and tablets.

Memrise app

With a fun and innovative approach to this app, learn a foreign language for free. Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, or Chinese correctly and improve grammar for beginners or advanced. Learn together with 15 million people around the world. Learn languages in a fun way with this rich variety of dictionary and memory games, and over 30,000 easy-to-play videos.


An application that turns your photos and videos into artworks using styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world-famous ornaments and patterns. The unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn unforgettable moments into timeless art.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

An application that gives you the puzzle you need to solve to turn off the alarm. If you happen to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep, enable the “Wake-up Poke” feature. 5 minutes after the alarm has been switched off, you will need to prove that you have woken up, otherwise, it will restart. Install and find out more.


In the end, a great Croatian application. This is a mobile application for waiters for ordering in a restaurant or cafe. This application works on any android device, which means that restaurants and cafes owners avoid the cost of expensive ordering devices. The great thing is that the Tableman app can be linked to the MojKafic web application and the order is instantly displayed on the main monitor in the object. This is a complete solution for your object.