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The ‘Cakes’ web application was created due to the client’s needs to simplify and facilitate the process of ordering cakes and other sweets at all stores. Online orders reduce waiting time and save money, ensuring accurate orders on time without unnecessary waiting and timewasting.


Who uses the ‘Cakes’ app?


Stores that order cakes using this app to their branches. Each branch can create an order and a special order for individual customers. For example, an individual customer who has requested a customized cake with writing on it.


How did the ‘Cakes’ app help the employer and other branches?


The application ensured that each branch has the ability of directly creating orders of cakes and other sweets, depending on their needs. The app provides insight into the list of cakes available to that branch, days when it is possible to place orders, as well as a list of all completed and approved orders.  Additionally, the app allows an e-refund to be made if multiple products were ordered by mistake, or if some products simply were not sold. The application offers a list of ordered products, as well as a report of all orders or returns made within a particular time period.


Can the app make business easier for other employers?


The application can certainly make business easier for other employers, regardless of the type of production, and would prove beneficial to all businesses that need a way to order products easily and accurately.

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