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KLICKkey is a unique application designed for tourism and hotel management which offers solutions to problems faced by hosts and guests. This content-rich application consists of a web-based application intended for data entry and a mobile application intended for reading data on mobile devices. As previously stated, the KLICKkey application’s main goal is to improve the current method of communication between the host on one side, and the guest on the other side, through digitalization of communication between the two sides.

In order for both sides to reap the benefits and opportunities offered by KLICKkey, we need to address and clarify how the whole application works. It all starts by going to the KLICKkey website, where the license purchase terms are chosen, which is then followed by registration. Once the web application is logged into, the host begins to enter information about his or her facility. The first step is to choose between the two offered profiles, the first for catering establishments and units, and the second for catering establishments intended for serving food and drinks, and for renters of tourist attractions and equipment. You can expect KLICKkey’s first pleasant surprises at this step, as each host or renter will find a category for themselves where they will be able to fill in content that fits exactly what they can and want to offer. In this way, everyone will find their category within KLICKkey, regardless of whether it is a large hotel with several hundred rooms, a small discreet boutique hotel, a rental house, an apartment or a restaurant, a fast food restaurant, a café, a pub, a beach bar, night club, etc.

After selecting the catering facility for which the KLICKkey profile is created, the next step is to set and edit the content you want to offer to your guests. The KLICKkey application offers the ability to enter all products or services which can be offered to guests. In this step you will find options for entering information such as the name and the location of the restaurant, working hours, contact methods, information on the availability of Wi-Fi networks, facility history, food and drink price lists, room service calls, as well as additional services such as swimming pools, gyms or massages, ordering a taxi to a nerby restaurant, concert, marina, etc. KLICKkey will simply become the best receptionist you have ever had, answering any potential guest queries, as well as suggestions for the best vacation or party guests can experience.

Once you are certain that you have set up everything your guests can enjoy, it is just a matter of sharing a QR or printed code that tourists will enter into the application on their mobile device, which will allow them to view all of your set content. This is where your imagination becomes the only frontier for sharing the received code, and we suggest sharing it across all social networks where you have accounts, and printing codes on flyers. By doing this, you save money spent on ordering expensive brochures, and create a free advertisement which everyone who is near or interested in visiting your property will be able to see.

Finally, we have another answer to another question – the KLICKkey mobile app is completely free for guests, and is available on Google Play, as well as on the App Store, so you can be sure that your content will certainly not go unnoticed.

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