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Application for Grad-Export 1

The prime objective of this text is to “wake up” companies and convince them to digitalize their way of management.

About the Project

Companies are often not conscious of how easier their business could be if they were using an application created for their own needs. The prime objective of this text is to “wake up” companies and convince them to digitalize their way of management. In this way, they can respond to modern challenges, as well as succeed in a demanding global market. We will describe as an example one such successful company that invested into modern technology and equipment. Almost all of the produced goods they export are to countries in Western Europe. They have recognized an opportunity for their company, and so have ordered the application. This company is called Grad Export d.o.o., it is located in Vinkovci and produces decorative panels.

The Solution

Grad Export had only one vision; to see at what stage a product is in real-time. Our mission was to change that and make their business much easier. We solved it by creating an application that could produce and scan bar codes. The head office prints out bar codes, and then sends those bar codes to the production line. The workers there paste them on each product, and during the later production stage, these codes can be scanned by other workers.

After the bar code is scanned, the application will automatically show which stage of production the product is at. After the last stage of production and after the scanning of the last bar code, the application will give a signal that the product is ready for delivery. If the client demands it, the application also offers the option of seeing a weekly report of delivery. This means that every worker can see when a job needs to be finished. The fact that every room in the factory has a large-screen television is helpful since workers can at any time see all of the main information relating to production.

By using this application and by using a scanner, workers can also know where metal sheets are – on which shelf and in which room. By doing this, they can save time, since they no longer need to search for them as they previously had to before starting to use this application.

This text should be an inspiration and a new path to follow for every company that wants to succeed and grow.


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